Keeping Your Gardens Looking Beautiful...

We keep in stock a large selection of trees, shrubs, flowering plants and all your garden needs, and we also offer a wide range of gardening services, from weed removal and grass cutting to water irrigation.


Our Latest Equipment...

Micallef Gardening comes equipped with all the latest equipment to make the best out of your garden with shredders, chain saws, vacuums & blowers, hash trimmers…

• Grass cutting
• Weeding of flower beds
• Trimming of hedges
• Spraying of weeds, Removal of dead leaves
• Fertilization, Pruning of trees
• Drip irrigation
• Garden equipment & supplies
• Blowing of leaves
• Removal and laying of soil
• Planting of trees, Flowers
• Pots, Turf, Seeds, Plants
• Garden Stones, Garden accessories, Real fireplace logs (home delivered)
• Pet food and pet accessories for birds, cats, dogs, rabbits, turtles and fish
• Fresh flowers by season for wholesalers, retailers & households with very good prices - Iris - Freesias - Chrysanthemum - Poinsettia